Reservations for tables at the the club are available from 00:00 onwards.
(On weekdays we accept reservations earlier with prior notification).
The number of tables reserved does not imply seats for everyone, the tables are only to provide a service area for the bottles.
Table reservation for the club implies a minimum spend. Please consult with our sales department for bottle list, prices and entrance conditions.
Price per bottle includes 2L of supplements of your choice, for example, tonic water, juices and soft drinks.
The only table service we provide is bottle service. Single drinks and small bottles, including beers are not allowed at the tables.
For table reservation for the club, a pre-payment is always required.
Notwithstanding the reservation policy, please note that access is controlled at Silk Club, please see regulatory rules.
Silk allows smoking in designated areas, therefore children under the age of 18 are not allowed.

Please note that there is a dress code at Silk.

For location and directions to silk, please see:

For any other enquiries, please contact us here:

For event information please call  (+351) 913 009 193
or send us an email to contact@silk-club.com

Our dress code is smart casual.

If you wish to be fancier, please do so by all means. Please note: no gym shorts, tanks, some hats, caps, sportswear or flip flops allowed.
For more details, consult our regulatory rules.